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Biogeochemical modeller
at NOCS, U.K.

Welcome to my webpage! - I'm a postdoc researcher at the National Oceanography Centre of Southampton (NOCS, UK) working in the group of Dr. Stephanie Henson on a variety of projects, such as GOCARTSUMMER and 

COMICS. My research combines the use of a 3D coupled ocean model simulations, satellite data and in situ glider & ship data.

My background is in physics of complex systems (MSc) and I graduated a PhD focusing on the influence of mesoscale variability on biogeochemical cycles at the boundary of upwelling systems. My research interests are in the fields of ocean biogeochemistry, biophysical interactions, meso and submesoscale dynamics, upwelling systems, ocean and climate variability. I graduated my PhD at ETH-Zurich, and carried on research at the University of Exeter. I've been involved in the organization of a variety of conference sessions and in the EBUS Webinars projects.

On this website you can find more information about my projects, research interests and CV.

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